I Got My Best Friend A CGB-001 As A Birthday Present : Gameboy

He dipped his head low, facing the muddy, cobblestone ground, his tricorn hat and long grey coat the most defining features of his appearance aside from the sheathed sword. All three were alert, Edwin had his hand ready to unsling his rifle and fire, Carent’s sword hand hovered near it’s hilt, and the Priestess kept her hands near the middle of her front, ready to reach into her cloak at a moment’s notice. ” Carent asked, looking up from his sword to properly face the duo as they both took a seat opposite him, the woman lowered her hood, letting Carent see her pale white face and striking red hair. Carent turned his head skyward, just enough that the sun’s rays landed on his snow white skin. “I don’t necessarily disagree,” Edwin mumbled low enough that the man couldn’t hear, then said, “You must call a town gathering, no one is to leave the town until nightfall, do you understand? “You don’t believe in Him, do you?

I Got My Best Friend A CGB-001 As A Birthday Present : Gameboy from her form, filling the

“You and that damned gun of yours.” Carent sighed, then nodded. Carent hadn’t heard her, his gaze remained steadily on the statue then shook his head to refocus. Emily’s body shook hard like a seizure took her. I took up the soup spoon, wiped it clean on the blanket as I pulled Em’s arm from beneath the covers. And do not put a nice vintage pan like this in a fire or the self cleaning oven cycle to clean it. Do not use a wire brush or power tools on vintage iron. And need you be reminded of the power of our Lord? He had fought monsters before, beasts of great power and prowess, things most men couldn’t imagine. Often, this came in the form of whispers and images in the mind, flashes that drove lesser men mad over time. I’ve spent a lot of time reading over those notes, and the rest in Nan’s attic. “God, you lot unnerve me.” He hissed before beckoning his comrades to follow him away with a hurry in his motions.

The blue cloaked person, a man, wore a wide brimmed maroon hat with a black band around the rim, and a single white goose feather attached to the right side. The left side of the brim was pinned up against the top of the hat. He gave the vial only a passing glance as he replaced the cork and returned it to his pocket, but he could tell by the weight alone he didn’t have much liquid left. He sighed slowly and felt his coat pocket, feeling the familiar, comforting shape of the vial inside. Carent sighed and took a drink from his canteen, felt the tasteless water slosh down his throat and into his body. THe villagers began to cheer now, a cry shouted by many which took root in them all…..except one, a cloaked figure hidden in the back, unseen by Edwin. As they walked through the gothic town of Grunwall with its high spired buildings and canal prominently dividing one section from another, the villagers gave them a wide berth, but Carent didn’t mind, in truth he preferred it that way.

I Got My Best Friend A CGB-001 As A Birthday Present : Gameboy wide berth, but

We’ll make our way over to the cave at first light. Just a 3 hour trip down a couple of motorways, he had planned to finish work at 5, leave his at 6 with his partner and make their way down. “Just finish the job, then you get your money.” The last farmer flared as the tavern door opened, allowing two windswept, rain soaked figures to enter. Both wore rain resistant cloaks, one a silky white colouration, the other a deep blue. His companion, the white cloaked person was a young woman. Unlike her male companion the woman had no visible weapon, but a satchel bag hanging off her right hip looked to be full of some kind of supplies, and she wore a silver pendant around her neck depicting a Dove in flight, and the faintest smell of incense wafted from her form, filling the room. “I wasn’t aware Edwin, I assumed you couldn’t hear them growing up over the clinking of your coins.” The Priestess chuckled, then made the sign of the Dove in front of the statue. The glass vial hit the Hydran dead on and shattered, tony fragments of silver and glass washing over the beast as it began to convulse, it’s flesh and clothing burning away, sizzling as if hit by acid..it’s skin bean to bubble and something sprouted from its back.

Already he felt his body reacting, and he fumbled for a moment with the simple glass vial. His hands were shaking, and he felt cold for the first time in days. Night came and went, and, at first light, the trio exited the small tavern, Carent having returned shortly as he said he would. Everything he came across in histories, in newspapers, in conversation. Carent, though he was at the epicentre, was only disoriented, his hands loosening against his blade hilt for a moment, but the creature seemed to shocked to capitalize. The creature was man sized, and under the light, could easily have passed for a man. “Lord, forgive the feeble-minded for their sins, they mean only the best intentions though their tone is harsh,” she said as the trio passed under a stone archway and into the village square, a large, daunting church the most notable, and evidently the most important building in the town.

I Got My Best Friend A CGB-001 As A Birthday Present : Gameboy oven cycle to clean it
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