Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding was first introduced in the 1950s in an effort to provide homeowners with a versatile, durable, maintenance-free alternative to aluminum or wood. We used Benjamin Moore Aura – Waterborne Exterior Paint for the shed walls and aluminum trim. If you paint vinyl siding properly, it lasts 10-20 years, which is less than new siding lasts. So if it lasts 20 years, that’s a good deal. That’s the worst that can happen. You’ll also need to ask if the manufacturer recommends primer, then get a primer that’s formulated to work on siding and also to work well with the paint you want to use. You can rely on the professional’s experience to anticipate possible problems and work around them. Painting vinyl siding is possible but not necessarily worth it. But the good thing about vinyl is that the amount of surface prep required is often less than that of other types of siding.

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Talk to your local Benjamin Moore retailer for expert insights into how best to prep for painting vinyl siding, painting contractor recommendations, product selection and more. There’s a fair amount of prep work involved, as with any painting job, but the results can be impressive. The ones that seem to work best with vinyl siding are ones that have a urethane resin. It’s best to paint during early fall or mid spring, to limit the possibility of extreme temperatures or a weather event damaging the paint before it has a chance to fully dry and cure. It’s always best to clean your siding before painting it, but that goes doubly for vinyl siding, as vinyl is more difficult to paint. Before painting, the shed walls must be clean and mildew free. Clean your siding thoroughly with vinyl siding cleaner containing mildewcide and a pressure washer to ensure you remove all the dirt and mildew.

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Clean your vinyl siding thoroughly before painting. Siding doesn’t last forever. The dirt and mildew will interfere with the paint sticking, which will make it look worse and not last nearly as long. Spot clean any stubborn stains, including mold and mildew. Some people claim that vinyl siding doesn’t fade; that color changes over time are due to dirt and mildew. But while vinyl siding does fade more slowly than exterior paint and is less susceptible to the damaging effects of New England weather, it will fade and sustain damage over time. You should also plan on doing a fresh paint job at least every ten years if not sooner. The break-even point is 15 years. High-quality vinyl siding can look good for 20-40 years without being painted. Can be re-coated after 4 hours. The second coat, however, must be given enough time (24 hours at most) to dry completely before the project can be considered complete.

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Other types of siding are less time sensitive. ” the question they really want answered is: Does paint stick to vinyl siding? You paint vinyl siding using a special paint made for vinyl siding. If you paint your vinyl siding yourself, you’ll need to procure the right paint. If the job is done correctly, the paint can reduce or eliminate the plastic look that lower grades of vinyl have. Because of thermal expansion (vinyl expands and contracts in high temperatures), the paint can crack and peel. You’ll know it’s time when the paint looks worn and faded. However, as we mentioned above, it may require less consistent maintenance over time. Again, keep in mind the most important part of the process may be the color you choose. Keep in mind, too, that once you start painting vinyl siding, you’ll have to do it every five to seven years. Hiding it behind the bush might keep it from the neighbor’s eyes but it won’t be an accurate test. Always test the paint first in a discreet area to make sure it sticks well and looks good. Select a paint that is intended for vinyl siding, in a light color, clean and dry the siding meticulously, and begin your project in mild weather.