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It’s highly unlikely. The worst that could happen is that the drain valve would get clogged and nothing would come out. You come back to a cold vehicle. The total radiator and “air-side” capacity needed in a vehicle with forced-induction can be double (or greater) than what is needed just to cool the engine from normal atmospheric combustion operation. Evans can be used effectively to cool these high-temperature components because its resistance to boiling can allow greater heat transfer. Heat Management: Evans high boiling point virtually eliminates vapor in the engine, ensuring constant liquid-to-metal contact. Evans draws more heat from the engine, which may lead to slightly higher coolant gauge temperatures (by 10 to 20 degrees). For example, multi pass radiators will result in higher temperatures due to decreased coolant flow volume vs. Further, if a system is optimized for the properties of waterless coolant, excellent efficiency and very comfortable “operating temps” can be realized without approaching the failure point of the coolant. They can get freakishly huge. Let me know and I’ll get you a personal cell phone number for one of the mangers at Evans.

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To gain the capacity to draw 2 colors, you will need to do the ritual with one eye closed, let the Stars go into one eye, and re-do the ritual, this time, Stars of another color will go into the other eye, giving you a second power. Once the 15 seconds pass, your eyes’ color will change to the color you will be able to draw. Typically no. Vehicles running under normal operating conditions should show either no change or a slight increase in temperature, but that will depend on cooling system configuration as well as driving conditions. In applications with turbochargers or superchargers, what will change with Evans? The benefits derived from Evans can be achieved in most vehicle applications and engine types, although Evans’ performance may vary depending on cooling system configurations. What other changes or modifications will affect performance of Evans? High Performance Waterless Coolant: Cars and light duty trucks. This is particularly important for cars stored for long periods of time.

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In the tesla powerwall I believe this is called time based control; LG’s RESU appears to have something similar. The heating side is called “thermoelectric storage” and its basically a bunch of bricks in a insulated box that are heated overnight and then that heat is used during the day. Coroplast or aluminum panels, plus rigid foam (XPS or polysio) can be combined to make a good box in most cases. From a “creation of heat” perspective, any mods to make additional horsepower will introduce greater potential heat load into the coolant and may call for other cooling system upgrades. Evans waterless coolant expands slightly as it warms, creating pressure of 3-5 psig, and the existing cap does not need to be changed. Fill with Evans Prep Fluid, run the vehicle to circulate and drain again. Having literally just now heard about this after living here for nearly 15 years I’m suddenly paranoid something terrible is going to happen if I don’t drain it ASAP.

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If you cannot fully drain the system; Open the lower radiator hose and block drain plugs if accessible, and heater core. Observed coolant temperature may increase due to the lower specific-heat of the waterless coolant, plus the non-optimized flow characteristics. The temperatures reached by the coolant in a “liquid-to-air” charge-air-cooler are typically not above water’s boiling point. A turbocharger can experience localized temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees F. If a forced-induction compressor uses engine coolant for cooling, it will introduce greater temperature to the fluid. Heat management is improved as engine component temperatures are kept under control. From a heat transfer standpoint, liquid water is best. Water is considered the best heat-transfer medium in its liquid state, but it will readily boil in the compressor and the cylinder head. Localized boiling releases water vapor that can only condense into coolant that is colder than the boiling point of water.

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